October 25, 2011

Forget the Tricks.....gimmie the Treats!!

My appologies bloggland for I have neglected you so this past week! But it has been one of those crazy weeks....I have had to deal with more pee and poop in the last 24 hours than ANYONE should ever have to deal with! Not only are we potty training and I've been cleaning up little puddles of pee everywhere, but my dog has decided to join in the action and also peed on my carpet. But I did not realize this until 8pm last night, and we had an appraiser scheduled to come through the house at 10am this morning. So out comes the steam cleaner. (BEST investment we ever made!)
 Don't let that sweet face fool you!

Then to top it all off, my Creepy Halloween Door Knocker imploded. It seems the cheap dollar store plastic doesn't care much for the morning sun and heat it gets between the glass door and the front door and decided to come unglued about 50 times.(I have a tendency to exaggerate)  So everyday, I would re-glue some more, stick it back up,only to have it fall again. Then one day the knocker part bent, so I was trying to striaghten it out to make it look better when it snapped. So now it is sitting in a deflated mess in a hundred pieces and I just can't bring myself to look at it anymore!

So this morning I actually decided to loose my mind. But that's a good thing. Sometimes you just need to give up, throw your hands in the air and laugh it off. Then head right to the pantry and stuff yourself full of Halloween treats:)
So in honor of my bad week, I am going to feature a few sweeter things...some feel-good, make anyone smile and forget about life for a while, Halloween inspired TREATS!

Oh My! Reeses Peanut Butter Bark form  Hersheys.com

Mini Caramel Apples from Domesticali

Spiderweb Treats from Mom Endeavors

Cinnamon Rolls on a Stick from IceCream Before Dinner

Black Bottomed Mini Caramel Cheesecake Bites from  Picky Palate

And for when times get REALLY tough, pour yourself a little glass of liquid happiness:)

Rum Spiked White Hot Chocolate from Nutmeg Nanny

Autumn Cider Mimosas from Food Plus Words

Pumpkin Martini from SippitySup

I hope these have made your day just a little sweeter! Enjoy!

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  1. I am all about treats too:-) thank you for sharing my pumpkin oreo cheesecakes...you are awesome!!!


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